Draft Post

Once upon a time, there was a guy who wrote a draft post for a blogging site called WordPress. What he did was open Microsoft Word, a word processing application. Once the application opened, he typed up a bunch of sentences he made up on the spot. He would then have to copy and paste these sentences onto WordPress. Hopefully, he got the credit for the day.


Oh, then he registered for a site called Pixabay and saved an image to share on this blog.


A Blog about Public Relations Blogs

A lot of Public Relations blogs provide posts featuring toolsets and steps on how to better your strategies centered around Public Relations. I find it interesting and find the tips to be beneficial and helpful. It especially provides different perspectives as different blogs will contain several different publishers for each. They will also highlight strengths of ongoing campaigns to provide insight of what’s working and what’s not. Aside from the general corniness of some of the posts, public relations blogs proves to be generally good entertainment for PR professionals and a great resource for rookie practitioners.

After a quick Google search on blogs themselves, I found an actual list of the 60 best PR blogs, though a couple captured my attention. Beyond PR provides the reader with useful tools and tips along with visuals such as infographics. Spin Sucks and PR in Your Pajamas more or less are the same, but also throw a more “buzzfeedish” feel to it with top-ten lists and trivial posts.

Also, I learned that “Wantreprener” is a thing (courtesy of PR in Your Pajamas).

Strategic Writing Assignment




Though I was a little confused by some of the errors, the first thing I did was decrease the spacing between lines in the header. Next, I clarified some phrases used in the paper, such as “beverages” to “beverages from a machine”. I additionally stated HOW the system would make it easier for consumers to purchase their drinks. I then went on to change some grammatical mistakes, uses of commas and capitalization after a quote. Finally, I fixed a formatting issue at the very end of the paper.

Informative Writing Assignment


IWA Kenneth Leveton 2


The first thing changed was the blunder that was the title, as it was way too long. I changed it to a much more simple title that was shortened. Because the title was shortened, it provided a little less information so I had to alter my paragraph in the top of the inverted paragraph. After that, I changed some grammatical mistakes, such as comma placements and fixing a run-on sentence. Finally, I fixed format errors such as abbreviations on dates and orders of titles.

Academic Writing Assignment


Videogame Media and Violence 2

The Academic Writing Assignment had a lot to work on, as most of it needed some clarity in explanation. The first things I changed adding more material in some phrases I use. “Much like today’s media” was altered to include actual media such as TV, movies, and literature to make it more clear. Also, I had to alter the titles of the articles, simplifying them to just “Article 1”, “Article 2”, and so on. Finally, I got rid of some grammatical mistakes to clear it up and in the conclusion, fixed the embarrassing typo from “theoretic” to therapeutic.

Business Communication Writing Assignment



Bungie Cover Letter 2

Bungie Resume 2


As I edited my resume, I mostly added more details to a lot of my information, including dates and clarification. In a lot of the bullet-points that listed my attributes, I would state something, but not include enough detail. Additionally, there were instances where I add to omit relatively useless information. When I states I was proficient in using Microsoft Office, I also listed Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. I got rid of that and just said Microsoft Office. Another was editing a phrase and rephrasing it with a colon to make a list.