Final Thoughts: Blogception

Heh, a blog about blogging. This should be interesting. To start off, I’ve never been much of a blogger myself, however, it’s really refreshing to get an assignment where I can pour my thoughts into my work. I think that’s the essence of blogging when you break it down. There’s no defined style to it, and you can write freely. That’s what made blogging a rather pleasurable experience.


Of course, where there’s pros, there’s bound to be cons. As someone who is constantly writing papers (the life of a college student), you’re so used to being limited to writing in a defined style, like AP, APA, MLA, etc (let’s not even bring up Chicago). Blogging may or may not have been a little difficult, as when you’re so used to writing these styles, you find yourself in doubt of your own writing? Does it meet the expectations? Oh wait, it’s just a blog. No need for in text citations (doesn’t mean you can still plagiarize of course).


I could say blogging overall will be hugely beneficial in the years to come. As a PR major, I already am engaged in a plethora of writing, whether its assignments for class, writing up feeds for my student organization, or working with clients. Why not keep track of it? With just about every company out there now in touch with the internet and social media, there’s no doubt the style of blogging finds itself in the various industries. People like to read this. It makes a big-time corporation seem more human. It makes a small-time organization seem more professional. It gives people a voice.


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