Audit Suggestions

Our client, the Student Alumni Association of TTAA, has very solid social media accounts by first glance. However, despite that, the problem lies with their lack of dedicated students joining to become alumni. One of the many things my team and I learned was that with any organization, you must engage further with your audience and eliminate clutter, which lead to many of our suggestions.


Better engaging with the audience requires an intensive focus on replying back to comments through your posts, whether positive or negative. With just about every other major organization on board with this strategy (such as Wendy’s), it’s paramount to engage with these people. It shows not only your audience, but those outside the bubble that you are dedicated to your people.


To clarify on social media “clutter”, you would have to take a look at their Periscope account, which sits idly on their social media pages. With an astonishing 7 followers, and their last photo being posted back in 2013, it’s vital to seek better management of this account or straight up delete it. Otherwise, it looks unprofessional in how little it’s handled.


Besides social media, there’s obviously more issues that plague the Student Alumni Association, such as pricing, lack of student vacations, and the threat of other organizations, all which we have suggested in our audit.


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